March 14, 2018

Anna and Caleb | Kakteenland Steinfeld, Germany Photographer

Have you heard the term, “Instagram Husband?” You know, the husband that tolerates taking photos of you for an Instagram post, blog post or any other post related to your business. He also stops the car when you see the perfect spot for a photo, holds your tea and anything else you’re carrying when you stumble across a detail you must photograph, supports you in all your business adventures and cheers you on through your ups and downs with owning a business. I know everyone says they have the most amazing husband, but I really do.

A few weekends ago, I set up a couples session for my good friends at Kakteenland in Germany. While we scouted out the location, I couldn’t help but gush over the perfect lighting and the gorgeous plants. And I just so happened to be dressed up in my floral dress. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to have a few photos taken.

Caleb knew this was coming and he’s had some practice with my camera before, so I handed him my camera and the results were even better than I expected!

I just had to share more photos from this location!

P.s. The photos of Caleb and I together were taken by my wonderful friend Jozi who also got a short tutorial on my camera and nailed it!




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